MBE Empowerment Fund

It takes a highly motivated, dedicated team to build a successful business.  That's why The MBE Empowerment Fund™ is committed to assisting promising minority-led ventures. By alleviating access to capital as an obstacle, management is free to develop and launch their innovative solutions to seen and unforeseen demands of the marketspace. The resulting benefits are new, innovative products and services, wealth creation, quality jobs, and community renewal.  

How to Apply

Entrepreneurs seeking funding from The MBE Empowerment Fund™ must submit a business summary and funding request. A well crafted summary will introduce the company, investment opportunity, industry and market, and management. The Fund seeks investment in minority entrepreneurs who have a clear vision and the opportunity and skills to succeed.
The Fund will evaluate all funding opportunities through an efficient due diligence process that assesses the venture’s products/services, market size, growth potential, management strengths and weaknesses, and other factors. Of particular interest is the community and neighborhood impact.

Where to Apply

Submit your business' summary and funding request to MBE Empowerment Fund™ at the following address.

MBE Empowerment Fund™
Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation
445 N. Main Street, #1574
Suffolk, Virginia 23439